This month we present


watercolors by

Jan Grady

Dates of Show:  August 1 – 26

Artist’s Reception Friday August 4th, 5pm – 8pm

Other opportunities to meet the artist

Tuesday, August 15 and Thursday, August 17, 11am – 5pm

   Jan is a master at capturing reflections in her work, whether she is painting the canals of Venice or figs in a crystal bowl. This exhibition of her fresh, clean style highlights her mastery of transparent watercolor painting. Each piece effortlessly draws viewers in and reveals a vibrant, new perspective on the reflection depicted.
   Says Jan, “I love the luminosity of transparent watercolors.  My paintings may include reflections in glass, landscapes with water, brightly-colored flowers and leaves, or still life subjects with a close focus.  I’m particularly drawn to warmer colors and vivid hues. In this show, I’m exploring my attraction to reflections. Whether in water, glass bottles, or reflective surfaces, I love the way reflections are distorted and almost abstract views of the objects they mirror.”  Jan’s love of her subject matter is evident in each work on display.



Figs in a Crystal Bowl

Amsterdam Windows

Venice Gondolas

New work this month by other artists

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by Caroline McClintic


Bidding Time
by Julia Seelos

Lower Yosemite Falls
by Veronica Gross

Burrowing Owl
by Floy Zittin

Clement at 5th, San Francisco
by Maura Carta

Rabbit Totem
by Amy Storey Rattner

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