This month we present

Urban Patterns

watercolors by

Caroline McClintic

Dates of Show:  April 1 – 29

Reception Friday, April 7th, 5 – 8pm

Meet the artist at the gallery
Saturday March 4, Thurs April 6th and 20th
11am – 5pm


“Urban Patterns” is an exhibit of new watercolors exploring the unique textures and patterns of cityscapes in a variety of styles.
    Caroline says, “I’m attracted to scenes that tell a story about people and their interaction with the cities in which they live. In this series, I’m also exploring the architecture, textures, colors, and lighting that make a city feel unique to me.”

Urban Patterns

New work this month by other artists

Bryant Park, New York
by Jan Grady
The impressive New York City Library is behind, and the park itself is an oasis for relaxing in a beautiful place in the middle of the bustling city.



Porto Bodega Afternoon
by Diana Jaye
There was so much to paint at Porto Bodega we stayed for the afternoon and were able to capture this scene.

Elephant Affection
by Amy Rattner
‘Elephant Affection’ is inspired by a combination of Indian and African textile patterns because elephants are indigenous to both cultures.

Red Tulips
by Barbara von Haunalter
“I was walking through Gamble Gardens when I saw these gorgeous red tulips.  I just had to paint them.”

Chicken in a Basket
by Nancy Calhoun
This chicken was strutting her stuff on Maui. She and her sisters lived on a beautiful plantation up-country and had a range of dining opportunities to choose from.

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