Nancy Calhoun

Artist’s Statement

Some of my watercolors can be very realistic others quite abstract. And, some have multiple images to create either a sense of place or tell a story. I often start with a collage created from scraps of paper or photographs. A drawing is made from the collage and transferred to watercolor paper. Then the fun begins. Pouring vibrant layers of transparent paint I am able to build depth while retaining the glow of the original paper.

My time is shared between Los Altos and the mountains of Ebbetts Pass, California where my husband and I have a year-round cabin. The rugged Sierra landscape provides the space and solitude that allow me to return to the studio creatively recharged.

Art Education

Two undergraduate years at UCLA in the School of Fine Arts before transferring to San Francisco State and a Bachelor in Education. Community College classes and workshops furthered my art education.


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