Tinna Dinesen

I grew up in Denmark and moved to Bay Area 20 years ago. My background is in Graphic Design and parallel to my profession I have been creating both jewelry and abstract paintings.I am now entirely focused on my painting and continue to learn new techniques and styles and to work with different media. In the summer of 2018 I got my studio in San Carlos, ART BIAS, community of many great artists. 

My process is very physical in which I energetically cover the canvas or art-boards with many wet-in-wet layers of oil paint mixed with cold wax, mostly with palette knifes, rubber brayers and Squeegees that are worked and reworked, scraped and peeled over long periods of time. I am drawn to abstraction because of its lack of confines and the challenge of creating something beautiful or ugly, simple or chaotic or provocative out of nothing, never knowing what to expect.
I don’t know what the outcome will be when I begin my work, but I am constantly intrigued by the unexpected twists and turns it can take. 
I love to explore interesting shapes, color harmony/disharmony, lines, scratches, textures… whatever comes to my mind in the moment. Combining painting mediums with other materials expands possibilities.

My goal is to create art that can be questioned: What’s underneath, what’s behind, how is it possible and what is next?


Contact Information

Website http://dinesen-art.com/

E-mail tinna@dinesen-design.com

Instagram tinnadinesenart


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