Amy Storey Rattner

My artwork is influenced by my longstanding love of animals, followed closely by specific places, cultures, patterns and colors that deeply move and affect me. My paintings begin with my deep admiration of the unique beauty and character of each animal I paint. Other sources of inspiration include admired symbols and patterns associated with a specific culture; a beloved locale and the visual language associated with it; an animal’s mythological or spiritual role in a native culture; or a basic desire to experiment with color, line and pattern as it relates to my subject. My finished pieces reveal my unique interpretation of the personality, patterns, colors, and culture that I associate with my subject. I began my career as a graphic designer so I am comfortable using digital media, specifically my iPad, to develop and test different compositions, colors and patterns before introducing them into my painting. This process allows me more freedom to work with the nuances of watercolor once I put brush to paper.

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