Barbara von Haunalter

Artist’s Statement

I enjoy tremendously being outdoors and painting – I can see the variations in color created by the light and atmosphere of the day, and I try to compose paintings that will convey a sense of that time and place. I generally use watercolor to paint close-ups of plants and flowers, and oils for landscapes. The ocean and coastal scenery are my favorite subjects. I try to record the natural beauty and way of life of the rural communities and the ocean.


Basically a self-taught artist, Barbara von Haunalter drew and painted the animals and plants on the Connecticut farm where she grew up. After earning a BA in English from Tufts University, she turned to painting in her back yard in Philadelphia while the oldest of her five children napped. Her first formal art instruction was at the Philadelphia Museum School of Art, where she studied printmaking.

Moving to California, she was awestruck by the beauty of the countryside and the coast. She took watercolor classes and printmaking at the Pacific Art League and through a Palo Alto Adult Education class which became what is now the Peninsula Outdoor Painters. She also studied painting, drawing and computer graphics at Foothill College.


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