Vered Binyamini

Artist’s Statement

My artwork is rooted in my childhood memories of African and Middle Eastern cultures. Growing up in Nigeria, I was fascinated by the powerful shapes and colors used by local artists in their work. After I moved back to Israel, I would spend hours on the Haifa beach, watching a family of Arab potters at work; The direct connection to earth, to the clay was passed from father to son, unmediated by complex machinery and tools. The hypnotizing dance of the potters’ hands with the clay, as they skillfully transformed formless earth-matter into beautiful shapes, enchanted me. This was my first encounter with ceramics craftsmanship, which represented for me the potential of ceramics to constitute an intimate relationship between earth, society and myself.
Through my art, I express the images and emotions that reside within me by projecting them onto clay. I communicate my feelings and stories to the world around me through clay.
I am drawn to clay’s simplicity, earthy feel and color. I believe in its healing properties. I create artwork ranging from utilitarian to sculptures. Clay is the base of my artwork and I experiment with enhancing the clay form with materials such as wood, beads and metal wires.
Clay is my language; a physical and spiritual mediator between my inner and outer worlds.

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