oil and cold wax paintings by 

Tinna Dinesen

July 1 – 27, 2019


Saturday, July 13, 2pm – 5pm


Tinna Dinesen brings an exciting new look at abstract painting to Viewpoints Gallery. Using oil and cold wax, her creative process is very physical. She energetically develops her paintings on wood panels with many wet-in-wet layers of oil paint mixed with cold wax. Using mostly palette knives, rubber brayers and Squeegees, she works and reworks, scraping and peeling over long periods of time.
 “I am drawn to abstraction because of its lack of confines and the challenge of creating something beautiful or ugly, simple or chaotic or provocative out of nothing. I never know what the outcome will be when I begin my work, but I am constantly intrigued by the unexpected twists and turns it can take.”

See more of Tinna’s work at her website https://dinesen-art.com/

Inside Out

From Far Away

Ebb and Flow

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